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Pepkart Saheli Workshop

What is Pepkart Saheli Workshop?

Pepkart believes that an opportunity to become self-dependent and to earn a livelihood using one’s skill set has the potential to change lives. Pepkart Saheli Workshop is an initiative dedicated to empowering sections of society that are less privileged or bodies that are committed to a greater good. Through this program, we aim to support these sections by providing them with opportunities that’ll help them attain financial independence. Letting business touch and transform lives is the core of Pepkart Saheli Workshop.

Apart from offering the most wholesome ecommerce platform to sell and become financially sturdy and independent, Pepkart Saheli Workshop also provides them with assistance with respect to registration, listing and cataloguing their products online. Beneficiaries are also providing an Account Manager as part of the program, who helps them set up and run their business smoothly. Basically, Pepkart Saheli Workshop ensured that their products are showcased in the most efficient possible way and are given the reach of the whole country.

Pepkart Saheli Workshop is a step towards touching lives with business and making it the lever to a better life for all. With this initiative, we intend to reach the below sections:
Government Bodies
Rural Women
Social Enterprises

Why Pepkart Saheli Workshop?

Apart from the opportunity to attain financial independence and a reach of over hundreds of millions of customers across India, below are the benefits offered by Pepkart Saheli Workshop:

Special Support: Dedicated assistance in terms of registration, listing your products, and cataloguing.

Account Manager Support of an account manager who’ll help you run your business smoothly, free of charge for six months.

Warehousing Assistance: As a special advantage, Saheli provides you space in their warehouses for your products.

Ease: You only need few documents to start selling.

Lowest cost of doing business: The most competitive rate cards (commissions) in the industry.

Training: Inclusive training will change your life and shape your skill sets

Growth: Sale events every month to give you opportunities to grow.

Approachability: Saheli workshops are organized very frequently where you can get in touch with Pepkart leaders and get answers to your queries.


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PepKart is a revolutionary promising platform for selling online. Be it a manufacturer, vendor or supplier, simply sell your products online on PepKart and become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, PepKart focuses on empowering sellers across the world.

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