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Grow with PepKart

Get increased visibility for your products by becoming a PepKart Seller, locally & nationally.

Get Efficient

Use PepKart’s tools to grow and get the help you need from selling programs & service providers.

Promote local and global

Sell globally and find a worldwide audience for your products while fulfilling local needs and necessity.

Tools to help you grow

Pepkart offers a whole host of tools that can help you succeed. You can choose from the wide selection based on your specific needs.

Price competitively
  • Set your own rules for pricing
  • Your prices are adjusted automatically
Delight customers with offers
  • Give your customers coupons for special offers on shipping, discounts, and future purchases
  • Create a limited time offer with “Lightning Deals” and get featured on the Today's Deals page
Learn from customer feedback
  • View customer feedback, see how customers are responding to your products
  • Get insights to optimize inventory, reduce returns and negative feedback, and increase profits

Selling Programs

We understand your needs are different from everyone else’s. Which is why, PepKart gives you access to a whole host of programs designed for your specific needs, so you can start growing your business.

Suppliers & Wholesalers

PepKart Business enables bulk selling to businesses across the world. It lets you set bulk purchase prices and avail input tax credit and shipping and merchant support.

Startups & MSMEs

PepKart Launchpad gives you guidance and sales support to help you grow your customer base and gain brand recognition.

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Women-run businesses

Saheli offers workshops, account management and support to women who run their own business, along with a chance to get featured on the Saheli Store on PepKart

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Service Providers

When you're looking to scale up your business, doing everything yourself can be a complicated process. This is where the PepKart Merchant Support Network (MSP) can help. PepKart sellers can get paid assistance from trusted professionals through PepKart. Whether you need help with listing your products on PepKart, account management, shipping support, or just someone to handle the accounting, MSP has a provider for every need.

Sell across the world

When you become a Pepkart seller, you become a part of the world's biggest shopping destination. So why limit yourself to your own backyard when you can sell in 200+ countries.

With a world-class fulfilment network to handle all your needs, you can take your business international with global selling.

shopping festival

Take part in shopping Festivals

It's no secret that everybody loves to celebrate by shopping. As an PepKart seller, you can be a part of these shopping festivals and take advantage of the increase in customer demand during this period. Whether it's selling during Diwali, getting ready for Prime Day, or multiple festivals throughout the year, selling on PepKart during festivals can see your sales grow manifold.

events and programs

events and programs
Sell on PepKart – Make a Difference

Sell on Pepkart – Make a Difference event is aimed to help business owners kick start their online selling journey on

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events and programs
PepKart Connect

Pepkart Connect Web is a series of free-of-charge live online sessions, hosted by Pepkart Leadership

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events and programs
Saheli Workshop

Pepkart Saheli Workshop is an initiative dedicated to empowering sections of society that are less privileged or bodies that are committed to a greater good.

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events and programs
Online Selling Guide

Enhancing your selling experience

Every successful PepKart seller has started where you are today - learning the basics, which is why always have resources on hand to help you learn & grow

Start Selling

PepKart Advantage Program

While you get lots of benefits as a free seller, get even more. Be part of PepKart Advantage Program through our paid services.

Improve your business

Higher Visibility

Get higher listing on PepKart, appear on top of search results and improve the chances of acquiring more customers

More Business Enquiries

Direct enquiries for your products/services sent to you by buyers looking for them.

Additional Orders/Booking

Choose from a list of verified orders for products/services you want to sell.

Order Manager (Desktop & App)

A sophisticated solution to organise, manage and track all your orders and enquiries at one place.

Pepkart Initiatives

Digitalize Shops

Showcase your products and service to the customers

Skill Development Program

Providing world class skill development training to merchants

Merchant Empowerment

A cohesive merchant society that is committed to help each other. Help for education, business development and loans

Purchase Hub

A B2B marketplace for purchasing directly from manufactures

Business Solutions

Providing resources and tools for the business grows


Be partner with EARTH WATCH CORPS green mission and earn leads and vouchers


Promote Pepkart among peers and friends and get attractive benefits.


Work with KVVES – Pepkart for a promising future. Every registration makes us strong.

Seller Learning Center

This is a one-stop shop for all your learning needs while you sell on PepKart, all free-of-cost. Seller Learning Center is here to help you understand our end to end processes, services, tools, products and policies, to grow your business with ease via various modes of education such as Videos, Study materials, Online Webinars and In-city classroom trainings. Start learning everything about selling on PepKart by Registering as a seller today!

The Seller Learning Center has been updating with content and learning material. It enhances your learning experience. The versatile and updated content help you in learning everything in the easiest possible way. We have many learning modules (in English and other vernacular), Online trainings & recorded sessions so you can learn anywhere, anytime, even on the Seller App.

Start Learning

Seller success stories
Real Stories, Real Transformations!

These stories are the journey of sellers who went from being ‘Inspired’ to ‘Inspiring’ people around them with their dedication, hard work, sacrifices and their commitment towards their work. These stories displayed the sellers’ grit to take their business to every part of the world without being affected by their humble background or small town.

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These stories are the journey of sellers who went from being ‘Inspired’ to ‘Inspiring’ people around them with their dedication, hard work, sacrifices and their commitment towards their work. These stories displayed the sellers’ grit to take their business to every part of the world without being affected by their humble background or small town.

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We ask our sellers why they chose to Sell on PepKart

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Media Assets

These media assets are approved and available for use. All assets are provided in different file format. For other file formats, sizes, uses, or questions about the content, please contact our Communications and Marketing department at

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